2:53 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Teleworking
    Navy FedEMP
    Speaking as a DOD employee for the Navy in DC, unless this law is enforced our command will not change its policy on teleworking. No supervisors are allowed to telecommute, period. If you are a non supervisor, you have to fill out abut 10 pages of requests to telecommute and with that done, it normally wont happen. The passing of this bill really doesnt mean that anything is going to happen anytime in the near future. For me as a supervisor, I'll never get the opportunity unless I downgrade. I honestly spend about 95% of my time on the computer or on the phone. It would save me many hours of commuting and would be such a great incentive to stay within the federal government. If I can get a job in the private sector with the ability to telecommute, I'd take it in a minute. Good luck implementing this bad boy!
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  • sensible legislation
    It's about time! Finally, after all of the political grandstanding done by the Republicans, it is done. We now will have a government that has moved into the 21st century. It makes me sick to have listened to Issa talk about how government employees already have a Blackberry and therefore the need for telework is not there. Have you ever written a four-page letter on a Blackberry Mr. Issa? And then there is the disconnected Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C. Her brilliant statement--"pushing this initiative to make it easier for federal employees -- who already have it much easier than the rest of the country -- to avoid the office"--illustrates what decade she is living in. Rep Foxx represents a section of North Carolina not many venture into. Her gray hair gives her away. And these people want to be taken seriously as legislatures? What a joke! Telework saves the government money...period! The Patent and Trademark Office did not spend $11 million in office space because of telework. Any questions?
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  • Politics
    Agencies have been doing this for a decade. The fact that Patent and Trademark did this successfully is evidence that this is unnecessary. Here is Congress passing more legislation that is not needed. What Congress needs to do is allow Federal supervisors to fire people without having to spend a year documenting the reasons. That would get rid of the dead wood and get rid of the Neanderthals who do not allow employees to telework under existing provisions. Of course, Congress has its own Neanderthals who just pass laws for the sake of passing laws. This "new" legislation is simply politics -- Democrats trying to pass something . . . anything just to show they are not completely impotent.
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  • Mind-numbing commute
    Federally funded organization
    15 hours a week, times 50 weeks = 750 hours a year, which is 31 days, which is 6 work-weeks a year spent commuting. So happy to hear the federal telework initiative is an entirely bipartisan movement in the right direction, as it needs to be.
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  • Why Not For Everyone?
    The President teleworks most of the time. He is given the necessary tools to work wherever he goes so most federal employees should be allowed to telework too. My only concern is the burden placed on the taxpayer for the cost of the some of the tools and communications sevices that are needed. Shouldn't employees pay for the privilege to telework, perhaps a percentage of the cost for DSL bills? When I worked my agency paid for upgraded laptops which were about 10% to more than a desktop and reimbursed employees for their DSL lines. Lenny, I from my experience, most of the grandstanding was done by supervisors who would not manage their people properly.
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