8:47 am, May 29, 2015

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    As a former TSA employee, I can tell you that we were just as uncomfortable with the patdown techniques being used. I can only imagine what most TSA employees are feeling now. Please remember when you go through the screening that the majority of TSA staff are very patrotic and will never forget why TSA was developed. As an American, I accept the fact that we have to be one step ahead of the bad guys and unfortunately that may mean some extra precautions. So next time you go through the screening process just remember... TSA staff are only doing what they have been instructed to do and I can guarantee you that they are just as frustrated and uncomfortable with the process as the general public is.
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  • Shame?
    Shame on you for your sanctimonious opinion. AND, BTW what does your trip to Israel have to do with you assuring us we are no safer? You think cause you made a trip to Israel, you're some kind of expert on the value of security procedures. Stop polluting the comments section with your drivel.
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  • TSA Pat downs
    I am a fairly easy-going person and hard to offend, but when a TSA Staffer needed to "fondle" my breasts and buttocks at BWI airport security, I truly was offended. Is this where a terrorist would hide a bomb? The "fondling" of my breasts and buttocks took about 3 minutes as others waiting in line looked on. This occurred after I walked through the full body scanner. Surely all of this is not necessary?
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