1:18 am, May 30, 2015

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  • HR University article
    The statement that OPM got out of the training business 17 years ago and that this has resulted in a supposed "gap" in HR-oriented training misstates what actually occurred and its impact. The OPM training function - staff, curricula, and training venues - was spun off in the mid-'90s to what was then called the USDA Graduate School (which dropped the "USDA" from its name as of 10/1/09), a governmental instrumentality then associated with USDA whose history dates back to the early 1920s. That entitiy has continued to provide the full gamut of HR functional training courses on a reimburable basis - which was essentially the same methodology used by OPM prior to the said spinoff in its use of a revolving fund into which agencies paid tuition fees for their HR and other attendees. Before "reinventing the wheel," as appears to be what is largely envisioned in this new HR University initiative, perhaps a more cost efficient approach would be to work in closer partnership with the Graduate School (and possibly other vendors such as FPMI, which also provide Federally-oriented HR training) to maximize the caliber of their already well-functioning HR training function. Such a move would be much more cost-effective, but, of course, wouldn't generate the "buzz" over the HR University concept - which may be what is really being sought here.
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    commuter queen
    I believe everything Jeremiah said was on point... Just like VP Gore invented the Internet, the current administration would re-invent civil service and Standardized HR training. The only problem I see ewiht that is the tuition. It would take some research, but was tuition charged by OPM for course attendees? Within DoD, CPMS doesn't charge tuition, the organization only pays travel. Unfortunately, in these times of financial cutbacks, management may not wish/or be able to pay the USDA tuition and/or travel expenses (unless the organization resides within commuting distance of the course). OJT for developmental employees (without formal training programs) has created some of the problems we are dealing with now.
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