11:58 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Interesting thought
    Tea Partier
    I read the other day that if children can remain on their parents' insurance until they are 26, which means they aren't fully independent adults, then we should raise the voting age to 27. We don't allow children to vote, since they don't have the maturity to think like an adult. We have raised the age to drink alcohol from 18 to 21, yet children can still vote at 18, and sign contracts at 18. Which are they, children or adults? Most young people were caught up in the euphoria of voting for Obama, but they have tuned out since then. Is that who we want deciding the future of the country? Or do we want adults making that decision?
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  • Voting
    I feel the same way about renters.
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  • To Tea partier
    You made an interesting thought Tea partier. You left out some minor details. We can start with the fact that more younger people are more liberal than older people. As one gets older one gets more conservative. Therefore, your motive is to reduce the number of liberal voters. How typical of the radical right. Let us continue with the fact that people of 18 can join the military. They were also drafted during the Viet Nam War and must sign up for the Selective Service. so they can be forced to risk their lives if drafted, but cannot be involved in policy making? Are you for real? Do not forget that they can enter into binding contracts at the age of 18.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the reasons why they cannot pay health insurance is because they cannot get decent jobsw with health insurance. You can thank George Bush and his depression for that. Another reason is that they are in college until past their 22nd birthday. Some may need to go to graduate school which is a higher expense.------ Hope this answers your question.
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  • Did I miss something?
    Did Pres. Obama reinstate the draft while I wasn't looking?
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  • draft
    to contrarian what you missed is facts - there is no draft but there is a requirement to register if you are male and turn 18. Been that way f/ many, many years. Obama may not be the best president ever but he really isn't the worst (pick your favorite Bush f/ that 'honor') but he isn't responsible f/ all that is wrong in the world, nation or your deluded conservative myopic world view..
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