7:09 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Clapper brings in own CIO
    With huge budget cuts looming in both DoD and the IC, it is no wonder that both Gates and Clapper are seeking an outsider with real world expertise to drive greater IT Acquisition effectiveness. As both OSD and the DNI share many IT Acquisition processes, cultures and FFRDCs, it is no wonder that they also share similar failure rates pegged between 80-84% of all new programs. It stands to reason that change cannot be achieved with the same thinking that got them their in the first place. OSD has brought in a former State CIO, Teri Takai, who will be key in driving congressionally mandated IT reform efforts. Section 804 of the NDAA 2010 directs DoD to establish an Open, Modular IT Acquisition process that is apart from the MilSpec processes that dominate both DoD and the IC. JCIDS, DODAF and the DOD 5000 have been identified as a Root Cause of program failures and cost overruns. A lack of incentives and accountability exacerbate the problem. Recognizing the national security threat resulting from the inability to acquire key IT capabilities, a groups of Reform Minded leaders have banded together to form the IT Acquisition Advisory Council, headed up by Honorable Mike Wynne, 21st AFSEC and former Undersecretary of OSD ATL. A recently released Roadmap for Sustainable IT Acquisition Reform lays out the specific actions and open processes ready for adoption, with one key ingredient; Leadership. Download the Roadmap and make your own decision; www.IT-AAC.org DepSec Bill Lynn has the resolve, and so does Gen Clapper. Will they be able to drive change or will the "we be gones" wait them out, and revert back to business as usual.
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