6:50 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Food for thought
    Lisa Lisa
    If a government entity which provides postal service from next day to next week. Why do government agencies still use FEDEX or UPS? They should ONLY use the USPS. Just sayin
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  • Typical government
    They have xxxxx dollars in their budget... yet they PLAN to spend x + 6.4Billion.... what a joke. If xxxxx is what you have, you STOP after xxxxx....
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  • Pathetic
    Fred Evil
    "Chief Financial Officer Joseph Corbett is predicting growth in mail volume next year." Which means nothing but MORE garbage-mail in our boxes. I literally throw away 90-95% of the crap they deliver. WHO needs these idiots any longer? The volume-mail is what earns you such a bad reputation, and does SO little for your real customers, the American populace.
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  • USPS
    The jobs they should be cutting are all the redundant layers in management. Instead, they cut craft employees and hire temps at low pay and zero benefits. You think you have poor service now? Meanwhile, Jack Potter and the Board of Governors just can't give themselves enough pay and perks. They need to get back to basics and just deliver the mail already.
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