1:02 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Story contains an error
    Your account of the USA Today story contains an error. USA Today did not find that "federal pay had doubled under the Obama administration". Rather, they found that the number of fed workers making more than $150,000 per year had doubled. The story itself is sensational and misleading, and designed pretty much solely to throw gas on the fire of fed scapegoating. Sadly, you have to read the story to find, buried in the 9th paragraph, the startling fact that those making more than $150,000 per year make up less than 4% of federal workers. To me, that itself is pretty telling: the only workers who could make that much are senior executives or those at the GS-15 step 8 level or above (basically, those who have maxed out the federal pay scale), AND who live in a high cost-of-living area.
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  • And frankly...
    ...it's too bad the authors of the USA Today story were so determined to paint feds as overcompensated they couldn't have provided a little more context. The reason the number of feds making more than the magic $150,000 mark has "soared" over the last five years is that, prior to 2008, no feds on the GS scale made more than that: in 2009, the GS scale maxed out at $149,000, for example. If you're going compare pay to a threshold, doesn't it make sense to index that threshold to inflation, as well? Allowing for inflation, $150,000 in 2005 is worth more than $170,000 today (13.63% increase). Guess that doesn't grab headlines, though.
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  • Correction
    Should have been in 2008, the GS scale maxed out at $149,000, not 2009.
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  • I see the correction
    Thank you for correcting the error.
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  • Fed Pay
    Lets take a look at the pay of all Congressmen and senators, for the little time they spend actually working we should limit their pay to less than $100,000. Most have lost sight of the views of their constituents. Has anyone done a study on how their pay and perks have increased overtime?? Lets calculate that with the hours they actually work and not trying to get re-elected.
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  • Compensation
    Funny Taxman, If our society based pay strictly on hours worked and a cap in salary, Journalist/Entertainers and many occupations wouldn't be making the ridiculous salaries they do for what they contribute. Instead, we ignore that and debate our own self worth. It's kinda sad someone can work Full Time and pull down nothing near big money, but the Journalist/Entertainers who undervalue their safety or government services believe we're paid too much. Like I believe a football game seat is worth what we pay or a movie is now worth $20, give me a break - we pay and they lead the fat cat life, their contributions are what are not worth the money - Feds aren't the ones overpaid or the ones who robbed this country of it's wealth. Anything for the knee jerk politicians and or journalist/entertainers to get their name in headlines or byline to improve their own personal position.
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  • The Folks on the Hill . . .
    . . . need to rememer that we weren't the ones who mismanaged the country for the better part of a decade, even longer than that. They are the ones voting for spending on almost everything you could think of. Now they want to try to stem the floow of fiscal bleeding by penalizing the very people tp whom they send their public inquiries and requests for reports and testimony and investigations. No one likes Government until they need Government, and when the can't get Federal help they say, "Where's the Government? Why doesn't the Government do something?" I remember Connie Morella's beautiful words when the last furlough came round, "That's a fine way to thank the people who are trying to cure cancer."
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