12:45 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Chance of a shutdown?
    Just me
    Of course the republicans are going to force a shutdown. It's the biggest gun in their arsenal, and they'll use it to try to force repeal of the healthcare reform bill. It's a win-win for them because they know that they've done a good job demonizing the President, half the country wants the health care bill rolled back, and over half believe the nonsense that the Cato and Heritage institute have been publishing. Shutting down the government will be a token gesture to the new teaparty congressmen to show that the GOP is on board with their agenda. Accept that Feds have no friends in this fight.
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  • ok, fine
    But make sure it includes Congresspersons' salaries, everybody's Social Security checks, all military adventures, all cancer research, all homeland security, federal prison employees, the folks in the space station, the FBI, the CIA, the National Weather Service, the people who clean the bathrooms at the Capitol, and the people who hold the microphone for Rep. Cantor.
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  • Furlough everyone at the same time
    Rock Island fed
    Don't forget air traffic controllers, US Customs, Border Patrol, Secret Service, Park Service, DoD civilians, White House staff, etc., EVERYONE.
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  • Yes, Include EVERYONE
    I could not agree more, EVERYONE should be included in a shutdown.
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  • Federal Cutback
    I have worked, and I do mean WORKED, for the Feds for 35 years. I am planning to retire at the end of this year, and I am sure a lot of readers will dismiss my comments because I am a "short-timer", but I would like to share some of my thoughts... You could probably eliminate, at a minimum, at least 25% of federal government jobs and the country would not even experience a hiccup. I have seen "workers" who spend 1-2 hours per day doing their job and the rest of the day is spent on the Internet/Phone/You Name It doing anything but work. These "workers" are usually GS-12 or above, sustaining the old adage the more you make the less you work. If they had to work in the private sector they would not survive. I work in Customer Service and see a constant parade of individuals in their teens and twenties who have never worked a day in their lives but are drawing government benefits, generations of families whose only source of income is and always will be a check from the government and those who find it amusing to tell me that I am a sucker for working. They have no concept of where their government subsidies originate, nor do they care. I am a proud member of the Republican party and I applaud any efforts they make to free this great country from the Socialist swing and return it to the proud nation it still can be. Let them drink tea!
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  • Ok and.....
    teaglee, maybe that why you retire after 35 year. You not work either.
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  • What?
    There is not enough hours in the day for my work. I don't know where you worked but where I work, that is not the case. People leave and are not replaced yet the requirements remain the same. The deadlines, read aheads, cost projections, scheduled completions yada yada yada yada still are done. Most that I have worked with (and I came from private sector - 20 years), are dedicated employees to give a dam and always takes the extra step. You sound disgruntled.
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  • Federal Shutdown
    Dedicated Fed
    In reply to 'teaglee', if you have seen so many people 'not working' for a living, you should have opened your mouth and blew the whistle. It's those employees that give the rest of us hard-working Feds a bad name. I work for the IRS where there are no cushy jobs. I have worked here for 35 years and I have earned every dime I have made. I agree that if there is a shutdown, it should be ALL employees from all branches of the government. The same people that clamor for us to be shut down, though, can answer all the calls from the people that need our services daily. It's very true that Feds have no friends.
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