8:05 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Unlike the White House turkey feds should expect no reprieve
    Just me
    The republicans hate federal employees. Getting rid of us has long been on their agenda. Why would anyone think it's a good idea to ask for another (free) day off, given both the current public animosity for federal employees, and the recent republican victory? With Congressman Rand Paul looking to cut our pay by 10%, and to outsource MORE of our jobs, I would think that feds would be better served by keeping a low profile.
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  • I agree
    Lisa Lisa
    Most offices will be empty. Most will take leave. I dont think it is necessary to fuel the fire. The disdain for federal employees by the Republican party is shameful-given many are veterans whom served their country while they sat in a safe bed. The Hatch Act doesnt apply to our leaders. It is do as I say.not as I do............In a year, after the Republicans have their way, the onset of public outcry will occur because we feds arent doing enough, arent there for the natural disasters, terrorists arent caught, planes arent being inspected, cant have those drive-thru fixes, arent processing things fast enough...they will have long forgotten that the Repubs were the root cause of the downsize in personnel and services. But fear not, they will have corporations running the government at the tune of 30%-40% more than it would have cost taxpayers for a fed employee and all of the folks that line up for those jobs as contractors will be laid off before they retire because thats how it rolls in the corporate world: You arent a human being..you are a number. Isnt America grand?
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  • Eye problem
    deployed decoy
    I will be calling in taking a sick day on black Friday. I foresee that chronic eye problem that pops up many Fridays. What happens is my optic nerve gets connected to my brainstem, that connects to my spinal column, that connects to my tailbone and on to my hind quarters. This develops into optic-anal infliction. Giving me a crappy outlook on work.
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  • good story
    for this story, we deserve the Friday off. Have a good extended weekend.
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  • N.U.F.
    Toto did a better job.
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  • Day After Turkey Day
    G Street
    Best day to come into office - real quiet and you can get things done.
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  • Black Friday
    I can't believe any government employee would desire to take this day off. What would it cost the taxpayers? Oh, probably a lot less than the 2 billion $ our boss, the President, is spending on his boondoggle to India. Back to the grind you slaves!
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  • Not nice
    That not nice CHRIS.
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  • Not nice
    Just me
    It's also not true. The original claim (according to Bill O'Reilly) was made by an Indian blogger. I guess Faux news is outsourcing its smear campaign now...
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