2:34 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Federal Employee Union recent advertisements
    After seeing the Employee Union ads during the recent campaigns I, for one will be actively promoting all legislation that will limit the Federal Government, reduce pay and reduce the amount of money stolen from my paycheck. The hateful and divisive speech in those ads deriding "teabaggers" was a vile presentation and represents why the Federal Government has become the least popular organization in America.
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    The AFCSME is the federal equivalent of SEIU, UAW< AFL-CIO et al. Hardly anyone says reduce spending; All the focus in DC is raising taxes including BHO's 'bipartisan' economic (tax) task force. It confirms that government believes the money that anyone earns is the government's by default. Remember what happens when the politicians say that a tax cut of any amount will "cost" the government? Here's what needs to be done: All agencies at the federal, state and local levels should cut programs by 5% each year for the next 5 years except for those efforts that directly support combat ops, counter-illegal immigration ops, or DHS ops. However, each agency should still be held to a budget cut of 5% made up of cuts to programs that do not directly support combat ops, counter-illegal immigration ops, or DHS ops. All open federal, state and local positions not filled should be eliminated immediately. VA care (except for service connected maladies) as well as Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid should be means tested. Cut federal and state congressional operational funding by 10% per year for 5 years. Freeze federal, state and local congressional / administrative / support staff pay for the next 10 years. Stop federal government funding of FFRDCs and have them compete for programs as other non-FFRDCs must. Cut corporate taxes; cut capital gain taxes; do not fund any part of the just past Obamacare (let it wither on the vine), and stop the additional taxes passed under that healthcare insurance law. Stop all grain-based ethanol production subsidies; in fact, stop all subsidies; products should stand on their own merits. Fannie and Freddie are NOT too big to fail; no more bailout funds to them, and have them repay what they have received. Re: Government furlough; firstly, how many private sector jobs does it take to fund one fed job considering also that fed personnel also pay taxes, and fed pay leads private industry by 1/3 to 1/2? Equivalency of pay is not a reality. Secondly, what does government provide as a real product beyond those in security/defense? What does government do to produce one drop of oil revenue? What does government do to produce one loaf of bread. Oh, they manage. Yes, much like MMS, USAID, DOE, HHS, EPA, OPM, GAO et al.
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  • reply to could not agree...
    I don't know where you are getting your statistics, but you certainly need to look elsewhere. Obviously you didn't learn to research when you learned to read. Researching means to look at a variety of non-biased literature, not propaganda. Getting an education means to open your mind to all ideas, not close it to anger and hate. Good luck in the future, and try to get rid of that anger and be happy.
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    There seem to be quite few in your ranks. Congratulations if you are one of them. Your union doesn't seem to care about the the products they provide for the future citizens of this once great nation as evidenced by the 'throw more money at us' attitude and we'll do better. Yes, just as DC, Detroit, Chicago, Omaha, Denver have demonstrated. When I learned to read, I also learned to comprehend, and saw (and see) firsthand the diliterious effects that tenure and unions have on any institution, and none moreso than the foundation for this country - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1tnPkzHgAA
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  • Rebuttal
    Lisa Lisa
    Yet is ok for politicians to make every federal worker -including those that are and have given their time and the occassioal limb to protect this country that now work for the gov, so people like YOU can make uneducated comments and rely on biased polls and analysis? Federal workers do many things that unlike you, and people LIKE you, dont have a clue. Your education about govt is what the media tells you it is..and that is sad. Fed workers are in some of the worst and most violent places in the world along side our military. My colleague, a fed worker, was killed in Iraq a few years ago. Do you think his family would appreciate the ignorant hate that spews from your keyboard? Did you think we were going to sit there and just take it without those politicians that have spent the last year or so slamming federal workers (on the YOUR taxpayers dime mind you-thats right they get paid with OUR tax dollars to squawk and pander anything to get a vote instead of making changes and being part of solution)? You also pay for them to get their and their bazillion staffers' office trash picked up, dusting and vacuuming done. The ONLY reason that our pay is an issue is because it was for a vote. Politicians are no more than paid hookers on both sides. They will say anything for your vote. Wake up. There are many things that can be cut, but to sit here and go on and on about federal workers shows ignorance-you just dont know any better. And by the way, what EXACTLY will the Repubs do to bring back all of those jobs from China, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, etc? Its one thing to have a pledge (I dont recall it saying a guarantee) its another to put in writing EXACTLY how they plan on getting everyone jobs. The key is jobs. So now that they have your vote, the games begin. We fed workers must pay the price (as we have been doing for ever) for every person that CHOSE to work in the civilian sector. For years our pay & medical stunk and when we finally were able to be even remotely close to what the civilian sector received, the economy tanks, and now we must suffer from that. Now that the economy tanked, we must now take pay cuts? Would you like us to do the same to you as a civilian? Would you want the feds to start looking at what you get paid and your perks/benes and decide that..well hey! They are making too much, lets strip them of their lively hood because we have been stripped to. You would cry INVASION OF PRIVACY! You want us to go bankrupt too .and for why..to make you feel better? So more people will lose pay, go bankrupt..so how does THAT help? it doesnt, it just is about bringing everyone down with you because you made decisions, gambled and lost. Instead of you holding your politicians to the fire and demanding that they do something to bring all of those US companies back, you are never going to see the light of day.
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  • Furloughs
    If you want to see the economy take a real nose dive, start threatening the well being of federal employees. They make up a huge part of the population in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. area. Furloughs, will lead to less spending by these employees, certainly less satisfaction with the Republicans, and when it comes time for the Presidential elections you've lost a huge voting population. From what I've seen the federal employees I know leave work before dawn and get back after dark. They aren't leading lavish lives, they have families, kids in college, and seem to make a lot less than the business executive down the street. All I can say is if you start playing around with the salaries and working conditions of the federal employees I foresee the economy really taking a nose dive and the Republicans will not get the vote of any government employee, their spouses, or family members, come 2012.
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  • Outlook for Feds
    Bill Samuel
    Here's my expectations for civilian Feds (the story may be very different for military) - pressure for reduced or no pay raises. This is not only something a lot of Republicans have been saying, but something Obama has been flirting with ever since he's been in office. The chance of furloughs has also increased somewhat. But I still expect Members of Congress from areas with large numbers of Feds, regardless of Party, to generally advocate for us. Just what will happen is not at all clear, and it is not likely to be as harsh as the strongest advocates of some sort of cuts want. Working for an IG, I see it as a possibly good time for the IG - and more generally the accountability - community. Congress is always more interested in the IG role when a different party is in power than the President. It's a way to get an informed perspective that's not driven by the political interests of the President, and can't be accused of being partisan. And Rep. Issa's new role is significant, because he is strong on the importance of the role of the IG community. In recent years, there has generally been strong bipartisan support for the accountability community, and an increasing awareness of what value is added, which minimizes the effect of election results on our community. Of course, we will be subject to the same pressures on pay and benefits as all other civilian Feds, so this support will not help us on that front. It is possible that if there are cuts in the number of Feds (a strong possibility), we will be cut by a lower percentage or possibly even not at all.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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