10:05 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • KSA's are a waste of time
    Time Bandit
    They are daunting to deal with and very confusing, it's bad enough most gov't agencies require mounds of paperwork that the normal person wouldn't have a clue how to get their hands on to apply for a job. I've wanted to apply for several jobs that I felt qualified to do, when so many forms are required just to apply for a job...forget it. KSA's discriminate against those who are capable of doing the job, they may not have certain qualifications but they can learn on the job. Working 28+ years, I learned employers today don't want to train people anymore. Training is a lost art these days, no one wants to put the time into showing someone else how to do things. But then they hire kids out of college that have no work ethic or common sense, it amazes me how jobs now demand degrees. Why? I understand the military needing Engineers, Scientists, etc. but require someone with a degree to be a file clerk? I did find out that companies want people with degrees because they can charge the gov't more money, maybe the gov't should put a stop to this. Just because someone has a degree doesn't mean they are capable of doing the job.
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