2:49 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Work Centers
    With technology being what it is and with most federal workers having internet access from home, it makes no sense to keep the centers open. It's a waste of money and will not affect agencies' ability to set up a strong tele-work program.
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  • D C Telework Centers
    I work for the federal government and I am surprised by the lack of support the 13 Telework Centers (Herndon, va is CLOSED) have been given by GSA. I am willing to bet that most of the people who commented in this article have not stepped foot in a telework center or utilized a workcenter in a very long time. Fact: Winchester VA, Jefferson County WV, Bowie State University and all centers in MD have the bandwith needed for the Office of Patent and trademark. When is the last time Ms. Campbell has been to a center or tested the centers bandwith. The center I use has better technology than my agency. Guess what? WE CANNOT ALL WORK FROM HOME. Some federal employees have small children and spouses at home, they do not want to mix work and home life and admit it - a small percentage just do not have the discipline to work from home and get the job done! Have you ever worked from home and waited on tech support from headqrt office? This happened to me and it took the next day to work out the bugs. The telework centers have tech support onsite or someone who can assist without having to wait all day or sometimes they can offer me a work-around solution. Will my agency pay for printer/copier/scanner at home? My secure mobile laptop limits my research and downloads. What a foolish move on GSA's part, they have invested tax dollars in a telework program that was never marketed to other agencies or federal contractors. Also GSA has invested in equipment & technology already in place. Its all going to be thrown away? How about using the program as an effective backup, until the virtual process is in place and actually working? Using this sites for COOP or Secure Compartment. Information Facilities. Stop wasting tax payer dollars. Lets utilize what is in place along with new technology. It took me three years to convince my agency to allow me to telework from a GSA telework center and now that I am here and working productively, I feel that I am being forced to work from home or back to the office. Too bad GSA can't work on the real problem; mandating supervisors and managers to use the telework centers in place and authorize more employees to work from them. I work two days a week from a telework center ($72 per day). I help to cut down on traffic, air pollution and produce more work from my small telework center cubicle which amounts to more than my seat rate. Just sharing my thoughts to the powers that be, who need to reconsider their direction - R.
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