12:32 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Went down?
    David L
    "The average time it takes to hire a new federal employee is down to 110 days from 180 days, but that is still too long for the Office of Personnel Management." More than three months to hire someone? Well, I guess when the market is glutted with potential hires, the Fed can afford to take its time, but when the market thins out, if it takes more than 30 days to hire, you run the risk of not being able to attract top talent. And when the top talent is demanding top dollars, the current pay scale makes it even harder to retain them.
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  • Really?
    We've had 4 vacancies sonce last winter. No hires yet. It seems to take Personel forever to post the announcements. Not sure why. In any event the time it takes to hire a Fed is CRAZY. It shouldn't take more than 60 days IMO. And the only reason I say 60 is because some need to have their clearances validated. Too much red tape..to many admin hoops to jump thru.
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  • More feds quicker
    Oh joy, be still my beating heart ....
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  • Assessment
    Blah blah blah! These assessments aren;t anything but a glorified KSA and a pre-interview without even being considered as a candidate! Everyone agreed to do away with KSAs, but what are they doing? HR personnel want their cake and eat it to. Great applicants are NOT going to waste their time on redundant, pre-screening screens of questions, over and over... LEARN to read and analyze a resume -- like the private sector does. If more intense screening needs to be applied, THAT is what the interview is for... WHEN are they ever going to learn. Provide better training to staffing specialists who know how to screen and analyze a resume. Stop using words and phrases to qualify applicants!!! On one hand HR offices claim there are too many applicants for one position... on the other hand they complain because they don't get quality applicants. WHY? Because they don't know how to screen resumes for professional positions. An example... if a hiring manager is hiring an Accountant, then task a REAL accountant to assist in screening the resumes and applications and get rid of the computer generated words and phrases. Otherwise, this will never improve and you'll get the same stale groups of applicants who are desperate and will apply for anything... because THEY ARE desperate!
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  • Hiring
    Gone are the days when hiring was done quickly. When I worked for the IRS (my first GS job), I had to take a two tests to even be selected for a data entry operator: the civil service exam and a typing test. Took them in August 1973. Passed both, then had to go to class for one week in October to learn the forms; the tests were the second week. Started in January 1974. For the next two agencies, the hiring process was immediate (three days from turning in application to starting work). Fourth agency: about a month. Current agency: 16 months (1990 - 1991). And it is worse now due to the events of 9/11. I also believe that the OPM application reviewers/raters are not fully qualified to do this type of job. I base that on the applicants I have interviewed for positions in my agency. OPM said they were the "best qualified". For what? Definitely not the positions for which we were hiring. It takes so long via OPM to even get a list that we have gotten permission to hire fully qualified contractors into the empty slots.
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