7:05 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • A one-shot $250 check fo retired feds?
    Does anyone know or is it even calculated how much does it cost the government to produce and account for "one-time" checks? Somehow, I believe in this case the cost may exceed the value of the check. It would be interesting to see what the breakeven is for this initiative or if it simply a "good will" initiative.
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  • long ago
    deployed decoy
    In 1984 when I started I had a Govt check book of sorts to pay for things while away from my duty station. It was estimated then the cost to process that check to a truck repair shop was $50. So generally for any purchase under $100 I sucked it up, paid cash, got a receipt and a month later got it back with my travel payment. That program ended when federal credit cards were contracted out and folks used them for everything but official travel. My guess is you are correct to assume the cost to process these bribes to folks costs more then $250 when you factor in all the hours, meetings and people to make it so.
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  • keep it
    There is no inflation (except in health cost), so I neither want nor need the $250. Keep it and apply it to the cost of Medicare for everybody, like in a civilized nation.
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  • What $250 Check?
    Last year, with no COLA either, social security recipients received a $250 check and retired feds who were not eligible for the check received a $250 tax credit. I am retired Civil Service and retired USMC I also paid into Social Security for Twenty Six Years. I am offset for my Social Security approximately forty to fifty percent by WEP. I did not receive a check for $250 or Tax credit for Federal Service. The law to authorize the $250 was voted down and no one received the check. I just wanted to clarify the above statement of last year. Thank you
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