6:29 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • GTSI
    As an employee this was an incredibly difficult time to work at GTSI. Understandably, the atmosphere in the office was thick with anxiety and we received very general updates over the course of 2 weeks that did little to calm our nerves. However, I was at GTSI in 2005 when financial crisis also seemed inevitable. The company got through to the other side then just like it will today. I think the employees of GTSI were shocked to hear about Scott's resignation--I know I was. Knowing how much he loves GTSI made it difficult to believe; he is our biggest fan. After hearing him communicate to us on a personal level--as actual people with families and people with lives beyond our professional careers, my respect for Scott and his honorable sacrifice has quite honestly changed me. Although Scott has always been this type of leader. In an area that is consumed by the "rat race" it is rare to come across a CEO that relates to so many of their employees on a personal level and successfully leads a multi-million dollar corporation simultaneously. Scott knows most employees by name and greets everyone with a huge smile no matter what role you play in the company. To say he will be missed is a gross understatement and GTSI will have lost the most valuable player on our team. This situation is less than ideal, but Scott has made me believe that there are still honorable men and women in the professional world. Men and women who truly care about the people who work for them. There are very large shoes to be filled. "The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant." Max De Pree
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  • Taking Responsibility
    Isn't the sign of a true leader one that is willing to take responsibility? I listened to the interview, none was ever taken. Has the GTSI leadership ever apologized to the employees for devising the schemes that put them at risk in the first place? Something is clearly not right here, my sense is that as more is uncovered, the woe-is-me defense will look rather silly.
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