6:13 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • GTSI is the tip of the iceberg and investigative reporting is badly needed to help end the abuses!
    Size misrepresentation is uncovered, typically, through ‘size protests, a worthless and deceptive bureaucratic process - part of the SBA Size Standards - which the SBA recently claimed that it had fixed! Over a thousand size protests have been processed by SBA. They have never delivered justice and the process is badly in need of a major overhaul! The analogy I have used to describe the problem goes like this: “Fixing ‘size standards’ without addressing its three other key components: size protests, the penalties and their enforcement is akin to fixing a flat tire on a car without an engine.” Small businesses are badly in need of legal representation to protect their statutory rights and there is a vehicle, The Umbrella Initiative, with an entrepeneurial concept which calls for to establishment of a Small Business Legal Center - with support from the American Bar Association - to defend their statutory rights. You will soon hear more about this concept! Raul Espinosa, Founder Fairness in Procurement Alliance (FPA)
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