12:15 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • An excellent idea!
    Rock Island fed
    He should lead by example by not filling open slots in his Secret Service detail and the White House housekeeping staff. And then let go a few of those 30+ czars. I could go on, but it's getting late.
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  • Too late
    Time Bandit
    I used to be a contractor with the Navy, was with them for 10 years and loved every minute. Because knuckledraggers procrastinated on awarding contracts and pushing the award dates out farther and father, I was laid off from my job. More contractors are being laid off but a year ago, the Navy was doing mass hiring of contractors directly. There used to be a time where someone's hard work, dedication and honesty got them noticed, now...it's because you know someone with pull. I've seen my share of slackers twiddling their thumbs, the do nothings that collected a paycheck every two weeks and didn't lift a finger to earn it. The gov't needs to hire people who care about what they are doing, who feel a sense of pride in their job. I did but look where it got me.
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    Hardly anyone says reduce spending; all the focus is raising taxes including BHO's 'bipartisan' economic (tax) task force. It confirms that government believes the money that anyone earns is the government's by default. Remember when the politicians say that a tax cut of any amount will "cost" the government. Here's what needs to be done: All agencies at the federal, state and local levels should cut programs by 10% each year for the next 5 years except for those efforts that directly support combat ops, counter-illegal immigration ops, or HLS ops. However, each agency should still be held to a budget cut of 10% made up of cuts to programs that do not directly support combat ops, counter-illegal immigration ops, or HLS ops. All open federal, state and local positions not filled should be eliminated immediately. VA care (except for service connected maladies) as well as Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid should be means tested. Cut federal and state congressional operational funding by 10% per year for 5 years. Freeze federal, state and local congressional / administrative / support staff pay for the next 10 years. Stop federal government funding of FFRDCs and have them compete for programs as other non-FFRDCs must. Cut corporate taxes; cut capital gain taxes; do not fund any part of the just past Obamacare (let it wither on the vine), and stop the additional taxes passed under that healthcare insurance law. Stop all grain-based ethanol production subsidies; in fact, stop all subsidies; products should stand on their own merits. Fannie and Freddie are NOT too big to fail; no more bailout funds to them, and have them repay what they have received. Re: Government furlough; Firstly, how many private sector jobs does it take to fund one fed job considering also that fed personnel also pay taxes, and fed pay leads private industry by 1/3 to 1/2. Equivalency of pay is not a reality. Secondly, what does government provide as a real product beyond those in security/defense? What effort does government do to produce one drop of oil revenue? What does government do to produce one loaf of bread. Oh, they manage. Yes, much like MMS, USAID, DOE, HHS, EPA, OPM, GAO, GSA et al.
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  • Why take DOD and HLS off the table?
    Just me
    The simple fact is that these areas encompass about 30% of the total budget. DHS, in particular, is an agency that needs to be reined in (cost wise) because their budget has increased significantly and yet there seems to be little in the way of "bang for the buck." As far as DOD is concerned, the current GWOT model, war without end, is simply unsustainable. In the end EVERY program is going to get some cuts and that INCLUDES defense and homeland security. In closing I would put it to you that those who scream, loudly, about how the government doesn't do anything are usually the ones who later scream LOUDEST when the government doesn't do ANYTHING to save them from themselves and their bad decisions. Much of what the government does, and has done, has been a direct response to some special interest winging about their problems. The chief beneficiaries, of late, have been the banks, big businesses, and the mega-wealthy who have also done NOTHING to produce domestic jobs. I think it's time they paid the American public back.
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  • Some jobs may remain empty
    Just me
    Alea iacta est. Here we see it, the Democrats are abandoning their friends to save their grasp on power and the President is signalling that he will not resist republican attacks on federal employees. The least we can expect is no raise in 2011. Furloughs are almost certain to happen now that the republicans will controll at least one house of government. Make your plans and set aside a rainy day fund now, fellow feds, because it's only going to get worse from here.
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