4:27 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Do terrorists brown bag it?
    Here's an idea. Why don't we blow up some terrorists first?
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  • Danger Pay is due in DC
    deployed decoy
    My take on this threat is DC is now a formal hostile fire zone. No different than say Kosovo, Haiti or Mexico that receive 15-25% bump to base salary due to nothing less than formal war zone status. Kuwait where I am it should be noted as been safer than say Seattle since Dec 2008 when Dept of State called the war over in this part of the Middle East. So just eat lunch at your desk. Make sure not to drink the water or eat anything you didn't watch a co-worker eat first (or you could get a food tester from Pakistan for around $200 an month to test food for you) and you will live a long happy life. The food tester also could live in the garage attic and be your pool guy/car wash/gardener all for that same $200. You could hold his passport (for safe keeping) and you would be within the law. Course the President would need to sign an annual waiver for the USA to be a formal Tier 3 slave state, but he does that already for Kuwait and Saudi.
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  • Colbert Clone?
    D.D.: I can't wait to see your testimony on CSpan or more likely YouTube where I saw Colbert try to enter his colonoscopy into the Congressional Record. Don't put it past the folks in DC to use your warzone argument to justify a higher locality pay. But don't forget, Clinton in the 90s never gave us big COLAs and called locality flawed, so all those people who think one side or the other is better for pay, should look at history.
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