4:43 am, May 29, 2015

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  • What an idiot
    Moran is a true Moron. Why is anyone considering voting for this lunatic and anti-semite? He clings to one issue in hopes to generate BUZZZ. The last thing we need is congress involved with the Marc Center. Stay out of it. The decisions were made 2 years ago and you should have put you two cents in then not now. Stem the red tide on Nov 2.
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  • Area Congestion
    You did not have to build a mark center to understand the area traffic is horrible in that location. But the correct question would be what panel and who selected this site. Where are these people now wasn’t Moran one of them? I know one thing that was swamp land the government paid dearly for wasn’t worth much as a swamp. You want to investigate something you don’t have to look far.
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