7:42 am, May 22, 2015

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    Why are they picking?
    Honestly, this is very strange. Federal acquisition people know the game (and yes the FAR and Federal red-tape causes industry to treat it as a game), and large/small businesses have been teaming to win contracts for decades. This is the point of the 8(a) program, and the small-business organizations that every Federal agency have in-house, push for these relationship. If they are picking on GTSI for FirstSource, the DHS contract vehicle, then they had better investigate MultimaxxArray, a joint-venture created by Multimax (Now HARRIS) and Array IT. https://www.multimaxarray.com/ Oh, and also - STINetApptis? http://www.firstsourcejv.com/index.aspx Yes, the friggin website for the company that is STINetApptis, is actually named FirstSourceJV (Joint Venture)? So why is the Washington Post reporting around this so shocked that GTSI and Eyak formed a JV? Also, I would challenge anyone to look into many of the vendors that are FirstSource primes that are not JVs. It is just idiocy to think that these 1-150 employee vendors (that is what FirstSource limited its contractors to), could ever fulfill every task that comes through for the Department of Homeland Security's IT needs. Major data center overhauls, huge server implementations, etc - these tasks take expertise, and lots of people. As FirstSource is entirely set-aside for Small-business - the DHS actually set up a situation where these things MUST go to small business, but are contracts that NO small business could ever perform. I doubt that people around the beltway are shocked and awed, and frankly, this is what the government has asked for industry to do. Why not come out with clearer guidance or if the guidance is already so clear (doubt it seriously), why not simply start enforcing it? Simply suspending and/or disbarring a company is ridiculous and only causes pain to the government customers who rely on these contractors, and the acquisition people who have to simply "start over" on contracts they've already started with them. Our justice system encourages innocent until proven guilty? Why would you stop them from working with customers, prior to allowing the investigation to even start? Some are saying that Eyak initiated this with their lobbying dollars, when GTSI turned down their offer to buy GTSI. If people really want to peel back this onion, the real problem is how the Federal Government requires acquisition. Acquisition reform is often discussed, but it is unheard of for anyone to take these monster issues on. The saga will continue...
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