12:51 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Good luck on this one
    FEMA has always had the problem of being substantially ignored by Congress and the Administration until there is a real crisis. Then, they are expected to be superheroes. The agency itself has internal policy issues that good planning and performance measuring could help overcome. For instance, staffing up for a disaster effort by flying in hundreds of FEMA people and then having nothing for them to do but collect overtime and get their pictures taken with politicians until the State and local agencieis get their own people ready to go. Things like that can all be measured and then the results can serve to identify improvement opportunities.
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    Bob King
    How many screwups like Katrina do we need to watch before this operation is abolished and a workable system is set up for emergencies. I witnessed the arrival of computer carrying FEMA personnel "acting important" three [3] weeks LATE after Katrina and other disasters. They do not bring emergency relief or action like they promised when they started. It is another White Elephant the is just a mouse built to government specifications. As far as the $5 Billion spent to see how the $29 Billion was spent--someone should be in jail for it.
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