10:24 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Tales from the Retirement Crypt
    Celtic Wolf
    First and foremost I hope Mike (Causey) reads this comment and second and just as important this comment gets read and acted on my my peers (CSRS or FERS or military). We serve our country daily. The President talks about Employee Recognition Week and his wife has appeared at many agencies and presented awards (length of service or acknowledgement of death like the IRS widow of the manager killed in IRS Austin). We though still need to worry if we can survive financially once we retire. OPM cites the Postal Worker buyouts of January 2010 as the backlog cause, yet we also hear problems dating back several years (2004 or 2005). Some Causey readers cited that agencies have the right to hire or fire at will, yet OPM still retains the need to double and triple check agencies on retirement benefits. (God forbid a federal retiree gets $2.50 more in their retirement check). What I am also amazed at is the long time it takes to simply get your unpaid annual leave check once you retire. I am fortunate to have a great spouse who is working hard to save her salary. She is doing that for our nest egg. My question to President Obama, Mr Berry of OPM and all politicians is "How can I tell my wife, my family that once I retire we will most likely deplete all our savings until OPM decides to give me what I deserve. Adjudicated retirement check - what an interesting term. Think about it, they OPM has to decide if you are "worthy" of the money you worked 20, 30, 40, 50, and some folks 60 years for. My other question or concern is "Do today's politicians want all federal employees to simply work on the job until they die, so the Afghan, Iran and other wars can be paid for?". What is the true excuse for OPM delays? If it is staffing then the leadership in OPM needs to be fired or Congress needs to fund the FTEs. I hope this comment stirs up thousands, millions of tweets, bloggings, and emails. I hope the internet gets fired up with traffic discussing how America treats its own civil servants. I hope someone in that high tower hears us. Godspeed to all, save your pennies, and learn to eat and like cheap food and drive cheap cars wearing 30 year old blue jeans and your 50 year old high school or college T shirt with the holes in it. God Bless America, it and we need his/her help.
    Celtic Wolf
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  • to Celtic Wolf
    You made some very good points. Maybe OPM should read your comments. Also, if they do not have enough people to process the issue timely, congress needs to read it so that they can vote more money to hire more OPM people. My question is what is the cause for the delay.
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