11:42 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Actually
    President Obama did not request a 1.9% military pay raise for 2011 - he asked for the ECI mandated number of 1.4%. On May 28th, the House proposed a 1.9% raise in H.R. 5136, originated in H.R. 4427 by Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-2). On September 14, 2010, the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee approved $680.9 billion in a defense spending bill that only allowed for a 1.4% pay raise for fiscal year 2011. Ultimately, I doubt the 1.9% will get through because of the budget crisis, but politics being what it is, regardless of the outcome, it will be interesting to watch. Source: http://www.navycs.com/2011-military-pay-chart.html
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  • Must be nice
    Time Bandit
    for Federal Employees to get a raise when there are thousand's out of a job, me included. I worked as a contractor for the Navy for 10 years, thousand's lost their jobs because of the Fed's dragging their feet awarding contracts. Heard today another contractor laid off a hand full of people earlier this week, sure is nice to see Obama's promise of creating jobs is working....I have yet to even get an interview or call after applying for 20+ jobs in 3 weeks.
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  • Tons of jobs!
    Big Joe
    I'm confused by your comments time bandit! We literally have alot of both fed and contractor positions open at my agency...so many contractor positions that they can't seem to keep them all filled! Not sure of your specific case, but am wondering if you have a specific skill set that isn't widely used? Jobs for skills like IT security and specific IT skills like Sharepoint, etc. are in demand. A clearance makes it all the more desirable.......
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