7:42 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Private sector plans have more choices
    Are we so afraid of "costs" or losing money that we'll accept horrible options from Wall Street? I want to buy individual stocks, that's the choice I want. But all the Wall Street pushers want me to pick is what's good for THEM, and not for me! Sure, Buffet and Templeton tell us to buy low cost index funds, because of THEY'RE conflict of interest, that's the best way for them to spend my money! Look at the S&P500 for the last ten years, it's down 33%. Wall Street has perfected turning gold into lead!
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  • ROTH option
    deployed decoy
    I would rather see a Roth option take the lead on everyones time in the short term. TSP has a kinda Roth now. Military in the war zones contribute 5% with no matching funds. This money is tax FREE now and forever. Only the earnings will be taxable at some future date. Thus I can assume TSP has the complicated formulas in place to manage military tax free war contributions and taxed earning on said contributions in the same account. They sure should be able to do it with the Roth model to follow.
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  • Decoy
    The Roth is coming to TSP in 2012. I don't know if the military get it, put civilian federal employees do.
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  • Outside Funds
    Tea Partier
    I am very frustrated that all my money is tied up in the TSP, and I can't touch any of it until I'm 59 1/2, or I retire (which won't be until I'm at least 60). Back during the "evil" Bush administration, I was getting a very good return on my TSP investments. I have wanted an option to be able to take a portion and roll it into an IRA outside the TSP. You can roll outside money into the TSP, but you can't roll any money out of it. Even if I could take 25-30% and transfer it into a self directed IRA, that would give me more freedom. Besides, I don't have much faith that our "super safe" G Fund will be worth much when I'm ready to retire, with all the out of control spending going on in Washington. I would have loved to have been able to put a portion into a Gold fund about 2 years ago. Gold has gone up 50% in the last 2 years, and it is widely known as a hedge against inflation.
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  • A few items
    I am not totally knowledgable in this area, so please correct my mistakes. Your last 2 sentences are way out of line. Hindsight is 100%. Foresight is what counts. Gold is hot now. It cooled off a great deal in the 1980's to the point that $400 invested in gold at its peak would be worth about $133 at the trough. Be careful. When you work at a job in private industry, can you pull your money out of a 401K without changing employers and without incurring a 10% penalty, even if the money goes into an IRA? If not, then you should not be able to do it while you are working for the feds. While the evil Bush was in power, what were your returns in 2007 and 2008? Also what were your returns in 2001 and 2002? You can thenk George Bush's depression for the even more out of control spending being done now. We also had less huge deficits during the Bush years of "prosperity".
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  • I Bonds
    deployed decoy
    TSP could offer federal I Bonds. These are tied direct to inflation. Currenlty pay ZERO. But the Fed also knows inflation is going to run naked through the village soon and if TSP could invest in I Bonds, those interest payments alone would finish off the USA.
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  • I bonds
    These would be a good option, because regular bonds will get hammered when rates start going back up. Whenever it happens, but it will happen.
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  • Leave the TSP alone
    We should just leave the TSP alone! There is already a good mix of options and it has low admin rates. If there are feds that want more options or think they can do better, put just enough in the TSP to get the matching funds and put the rest in the high cost funds out in the private sector. But when you lose all your money investing in some hot stock tip from a broker that is interested in nothing but a commission, just suck it up and keep it to yourself.
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