10:29 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Follow CA to the end
    deployed decoy
    I have to agree with Dennis. I feel a couple more points need added. When Ronnie was governor of CA he successfully pulled several former federal funded projects under the state umbrella. The two that I got firsthand experience with was. One Snow Survey. Except for CA every stream and river in the west has some 500 remote SNOTEL monitoring systems that are used to fill reservoirs, generate power and mitigate floods. Then there is California Department of Forestry (CFD). CDF has the highest paid wildland firefighters on the planet and very unionized. Heck CDF gets 24 hours of pay a day once they roll to any incident lasting past midnight, sleep included. Not many federal smoke jumpers work in their sleep. The moral of this story, CA has one of the highest tax rates in the nation and still needs to beg for federal resources to help them out all the time on these two missions, and soon will be the 6th largest economy on the planet to fail. Regan when he was President tried to kill Snow Survey at the federal level. Back in 1984 the outcry from all the ranchers, power generators, the federal flood insurance program and whatnot, not only kept the program alive. But, got us a huge one time beget increase to modernize.
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  • Try asking the insiders
    Most government workers at the federal state and local levels are very well aware there is waste in the system along with obsolete, underperforming and just down right stupid programs. They also know that clearly identifying any of the above would be the fastest way possible to end their forward career progression and possibly thier employment. Set up a truly anonymous method for government employees to share their knowledge with elected officials and the cost savings produced would run into the hundreds of billions across all levels of government.
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  • Woodbridge
    I'll second that motion.
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  • Above article
    The 1970s-era hiring "freeze" mentioned in the article called to mind the so-called government "shutdown" of the mid-90s when the Democratic Clinton administration and the Republican Congress clashed over spending plans. The same vaudeville-type "Alphonse and Gaston" comedy routine ensued, with exemptions being given out right and left (no political connotation intended) for "essential" government services. DoD, DVA, USPS, etc., etc. were all deemed exempt from the "shutdown," including many other partial agency components, such as DOT's FAA (itself comprising about 80% of DOT). My own agency at the time - OPM - was also partially exempt, incluidng OPM's civil service retirement function (about half the agency workforce at that time), the civil service testing program (as that included administration of the military ASVAB entrance exams), the investigations program, etc. (I worked in one of the few OPM components not deemed "essential"). For all the hullabaloo, the "shutdown " had such a negigible impact that but for the media hype the average American wouldn't have had any idea that there was a governmental crisis unfolding. Ultimately, even those of us "non-essential" workers lost no pay as a result. I suppose the whole charade had entertainment value, but not much else.
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