4:25 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • The article's title is VERY MISLEADING
    The article has nothing to do with, and doesn't even MENTION, DNA testing! The article doesn't tell us anything about discovering ancient DNA, perhaps that of the "Founding Fathers", affixed to the parchment. I was expecting more of a powdered wig "Jurassic Park" experience, not a few mentions of Beef Jerky! Good grief! You folks should TITLE YOUR ARTICLES APPROPRIATELY! I AM DISAPPOINTED! I was expecting to read that "Scientists have cloned Thomas Jefferson, but something went wrong" and then I'd read reports that the cloned statesman began cannibalizing members of congress, or perhaps an entire series of historical figures had been cloned, but something went awry, and now the Capitol building is under siege by very dignified, well-spoken zombies... Oh Wait! It is! Still has nothing to do with the Article, however...
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  • Happy Friday
    Please enjoy the decaf.
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  • Sheepskin Diplomas??
    Kenny Ray
    What time warp did this person step out of?? The only college diplomas I've seen for the past 40 years have been on paper, good paper, acid free, etc, but paper.
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