1:53 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Inherently Governmental
    Micro management by Congress may not be the most efficient, but time after time these agencies that have little oversite wind up with a currupt management. As a Tax payer I want everything my tax money pays for to answer to someone I vote for. All these port authorities, and river and bay authorities, have had government funding without out direct control. Most wind up getting caught donating government funds to political ennities, or just plain spending money like drunken sailors,(no offense intended towards sailers) on things far removed from their original intent. In my area we have The Delaware River and Bay Authority. Which we referr to as building a dynasty $3.00 dollars (the toll to cross the bridge) at a time. Originally created to take the politics out of managing the Delaware bridge. It has expanded to manage 5 airports has been caught donating to several causes including remodeling politicians houses. They had an airplane and still have a helicopter. About 5 years ago the chairman was forced out when it became apparent he was using hundreds of flight hours for family trips. When you can't vote them out they answer to no one.
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