9:53 am, May 27, 2015

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  • An assault on decent Character and Morals.
    As a Former Marine Corps servicemember, I find that this ruling is a huge travesty to the decency and moral upstanding that my lilitary service stood for. You are taught to uphold the HIGHEST standards of moral judgement, decency, honor and observance to all rules and regulations that are for the better good for ALL servicemembers; not just the perverse upbringing and moral filthiness of a few individuals that want to shove their sinful ways and beliefs down the throats of the many who believe in what God has put us on earth to live as. The amount of political correctness and moral decay that is being constantly displayed in the laws and civil courts of this nation is an abomination of decent character, an assault on the morals and beliefs of us who love the Laws that GOD laid out for us to live by; and an affront to the rules and laws that have been established against the practice of sodomy and perverse, abnormal sexual practices amongst individuals. It matters not to me that the perverse and deceived people who make the laws allowing that behavior to come into law. For what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong in the Eyes of GOD! It is THEM that are going to have to answer to GOD himself as to why they allowed that kind of perverse assault on decency, and why they did not do the correct thing and not allow people who practice such errant acts to enter into certain organisations that pledge to uphold the honor and decency that was set aside in the constitution as a Christian nation. Homosexuality is not a godly act, it is an act that is against Godliness, and WILL have its rewards and punishments in the end. I would rather be called a so-called Homophob, than to be called by GOD unacceptable to live in his kingdom, become I allowed this kind of perverse nonsence without saying anything about it. If it offends the gays and their lovers of perverseness, then so be it. Just know that when you stand before GOD, and find out that he DOESNT accept your way of life, never have, never will. Do not say its unfair, because you have been told you were wrong here on earth. It will be to late then to change.
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  • A different approach
    BelieveNGodsWordNLaws, how about looking at it this way. There's plenty of evidence that the vast majority of Americans who self-identify as Christian have not in fact taken up Jesus's cross and followed him. I suggest that you're already living in a non-Christian nation, and perhaps always will. Rather than investing your remaining years trying to get a bunch of non-Christians to act as though they were Christians, you might consider the marching orders given in Matthew 25:33-40 ( http://www.heartlight.org/wjd/matthew/1121-wjd.html ). I think you'll find lots more satisfaction that mission.
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  • Separation of powers violation?
    Although I'm not eager for our Presidents to have their own private armies, wouldn't the principle of separation of powers suggest that the President can direct the Army to ignore the court's order?
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  • What the %#$#?
    Suggest you go back to school on that one.
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