8:14 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Snyder v Phelps
    I represent the respondents, Westboro Baptist Church, her pastor Fred Phelps, and two of her members, in the case before the SCOTUS. The seven picketers from WBC stood over 1200 feet from the church, completely out of sight and sound of all funeral-goers. They left before the funeral started. Between them and the church were multiple buildings, and about 300-400 bikers, veterans and citizens with flags and signs. It is just irresponsible for you to state that the WBC picketers yelled and hollered during the memorial service. The undisputed evidence at trial was that they were not seen or heard by the funeral-goers. They spoke and sang in plain voice, and talked to media, all quiet, calm and peaceful. No yelling by anyone. If you're going to uproot the Republic -- which you pledge to every time you worship that idol you call Old Glory -- because you love your sin more than your life, do so based on the truth--not concoted lies. Thanks. Margie Phelps Westboro Baptist Church Topeka, KS
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