8:26 am, May 26, 2015

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  • How STUPID are we??
    Of course this is a dry run. Just because the Feds don't have any information on these people doesn't mean they aren't involved in terrorist activities. The media keeps reporting over and over that home-grown terrorists are our biggest worries. The terrorist that tried to bomb Times Square apparently led a quiet American family life, until he decided to take action. The people's behaviors and their similarity is extremely suspicious. We need RFID tags on these people!
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  • RFID not the answer
    deployed decoy
    Passive RFID has a range of about 10 feet. Active about 300 feet. I Suggest Argos. It was developed by the French to track wolves in the arctic. But for about $400 you can use it to check that the wife really is going blowing on Tuesday and not to the Holiday Inn. It is very close to that thing in the Divinci Code that he tosses onto the garbage truck. It works, can be surgically implanted with a metal detonator that will go off if tampered with (and at airport security), and within meters of accuracy all over the planet. Now if we can just get the ACLU on board. This was one complaint the OK City bombers had. They told us the CIA had put one of these in their abdomen. I bet they just thought they had a pain in the but when they were executed.
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