1:43 am, May 26, 2015

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  • L funds too risky
    I was surprised to learn just how risky some of the L funds are. Look at their annual performance on tsp.gov.
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  • Same sex spouses
    The benefits section goes on and on about what a spouse gets if a federal employee dies. I just want to point out that I just married my same Sex partner in the District of Columbia, and my employer the Federal Government will not give my spouse any of those benefits if I die just because he's a guy.
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  • Poor you
    deployed decoy
    I assume that you don't work for Dept of State. Because they set the precedence about a year ago to provide same sex domestic partners, not even necessarily married, the same benefits as a former opposite sex married spouse. Of course State set precedence long ago to allow State employees to use Home Leave on a federal move to the USA from say Vancouver BC and figures Hi-3 for all overseas employees at the 24% higher Washington DC rate if they were in BC with tax free housing allowances funding that trophy home they now own over the bay for 2 of the Hi 3 years. So I suggest you either get employed by State or sit back and wait a few decades for the agency you work for, to follow what is established and documented federal employee benefits (for special people) for apparently a very long wait.
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  • Okay, okay, okay...
    Did you keep count of how many times Jerry Cannizzaro said, "okay"?
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  • Risky?
    Putting all your TSP in the G fund is risky also. The opportunity cost of not having enough money to retire on. 80% stocks is not risky for a 40 to 50 year old. It's just about right. Over your 30 to 40 year time horizon stocks' performance will beat bonds all the time.
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