7:51 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Sounds great in theory
    While L funds may be great for novices, our fund choices in general are better for Wall Street than for the savers. The gurus say our plan is great because the costs are low, which is fine. But Wall Street knows about three card Monte, while you were watching one card they were moving the other, which is the fact the market has gone down over 33% in 10 years, with no hope for recovery in sight. Yet, individual stocks or even sectors like Tech, mean that we have all missed the boat in Apple or Google stock. It's a traders market now, and we are the sheep. Wall Street uses our fund money as a cash cow to keep milking while we get precious little in return for our risk. Moreover, if you don't go for stocks, your money market or bond funds pay under 4%. I should have bought a boat, at least I'd have something to show for it! So, just like the plan to "buy a good used 1 or 2 year old car" it sounds great in theory, but the reality is you can't find what you're looking for.
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  • a boat
    deployed decoy
    A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour all your money. But that disagreement aside, I agree with you mostly. Those folks that tell you to buy buy buy, all make money from said good advice. Then their partners in crime make money when you do buy (or for that matter sell at a profit if you are so lucky). I still believe betting 1, 2 and 3 on the wheel at 11:1 is better odds than the stock market currently. Even if the current annual minus 4% yield was to go up 15% to an annual 10% and IF 2011 and 2102 were also 10% solid gains. You would still be a couple points down over a 5 year period. Now any one believes the stock market is poised to go up 35% in the next 30 months. Jump on in. I would like a TSP plan that was nothing but US Govt I bonds. Those are tied to inflation. Yep today those pay zero. Next year or very soon when inflation is 12% because of all the money the Fed keeps printing I bonds will outperform everything but the real currency of the plant, gold and oil.
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  • Everything for Everyone
    It's interesting how pessimistic everyone is now when most were so optimistic a few years ago. Yes, the market has booms and busts and as long as people invest based on fear and greed it will likely continue that way. In the long run, however, equities will always outperform bonds and if the economy collapses than all of it becomes worthless so there is no safe zone. Personally, I'm comfortable with that idea and have been taking advantage of this downturn. Nonetheless, the current TSP selections are pretty meager and most of them really aren't appropriate for anyone hoping to have any real returns. The L-funds are great places for those that don't want to think about it but I prefer to retire before I die. I would like to see a lot more options on how I can invest in TSP. I think it should stick with low cost index funds but there are a lot of indexes out there that can be followed. Most people seem to lack any financial knowledge and are severely underestimating their retirement requirements. Social security is rapidly being depleted and will get worse as more baby boomers hit retirement age. We are all on our own folks and while FERS will hopefully remain untouched, it isn't enough to retire on. OK, rant done.
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  • Beware the hucksters!
    Seems like the only ones who've benefitted from "low cost index funds" are the people selling the low cost index funds! Hmmmmmm
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  • good performance with limited fund choices
    You can put together a decent portfolio with the limited TSP fund choices. But you need to actively manage risk. See tspfolio.com for example.
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