9:16 am, May 30, 2015

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  • CanI get a "ummmhmmmm"
    Lisa Lisa
    Mike, Gotta tell ya..even though this bill has been brewing and has been passed, I havent heard a word from our management. I dont think they are going to say boo about it until we (the workers) make a stink about it. So, at our next union meeting, this will be a topic of discussion. The problem is that my agency is referred to as "quasi govt". We feds are managed by non-feds-which for the life of me, cant figure out why Congress permits this to begin with. They often havent a clue about federal personnel regulations or ANY fed regulations for that matter. They often get away with things that your big agencies like GSA cant. So, without having studied this bill, can you tell me where quasi's fall in to this mandate? I like to have my ducks lined up before I raise a stink.
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  • Flip flops
    deployed decoy
    Well the good thing is at home no dress code. So those gold flip flops will be OK even if that is all the person has on. Well unless they need to video in to the weekly projects meeting. I am hearing the rumor mill here in Kuwait is going to a formal dress code. I just dare them to ban those fancy open toed and strap heeled shoes women wear, if anyone though OEF was a fight. It would be easy to tell us all to wear the uniform of the day. Problems with that include we were all issued the wrong uniform at the mandatory basic training for decoys and doing that just might make us all eligible for the 20 year law enforcement retirement thing. Alas as dangerous as a uniformed and armed Yellowstone rangers job is, it is much safer in Iraq for feds. But heck maybe they can telecommute to Iraq from Atlanta like most of Army Central (ARCENT) has for years.
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  • Sounds great to me
    Let's hope that happens. Maybe when managers can no longer "pocket veto" the issue and are forced to explain exactly why certain staff/positions can't telework, we'll get to the real causes of manager reluctance. Whatever those might be...
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  • Great Idea but....
    The bureaucracy will kill it...managers will grudgingly comply and not for the benefit of the job and definitely not for the benefit of the worker bees! Other then telecommuting, the Federal Monolith in the DC area needs to encourage agencies to adopt truly more flexible work schedules! What started out as 'going in early, coming home early' has only exacerbated the gridlock and caused it to start earlier on either end! Telecommuting would alleviate some of it however, agencies that have 'sensitive' or even minimally classified work usually balk at the 'hassle' of an employee taking home a laptop capable of securely connecting with the home agency system. However, if you're going TDY in or out of the country, it's just fine to lug around a secured laptop while traveling and passing through airport security and traversing foreign internet connections! Doesn't make any sense...HUH? So, why aren't there secure telecommuting sites in the metro area? Cost? Baloney...how many agencies have 'scifed out' a piece of commercial property only to leave it several years later, for example? A secure telecommuting site would provide a 'return of investment' because of the amount of IC and Fed LEA's in the area! As for security between agencies, individual rooms could be set up for each agebcy that requires/desires space. Far fetched? No...but highly practical considering the 9/11 attacks and potential terrorist attacks. I'll probably be 'dust in the wind' before anytheing like this gets implemented but maybe future workers could benefit.
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  • Wish I Could Be More Hopeful . . .
    But after trying to telework for almost eight years (since the DOD telework policy first came out), I finally had to retire and find a telework job in the private sector. I hope this works out for federal employees. However, in my experience within DOD, it all depends on the supervisor and the director/commander of the organization. And they will totally ignore it if they can. The one-day-a-week telework thing is just silly in my opinion. It will do very little for traffic, polution, morale, productivity, etc. It'll just allow management to say they allow telework. When employees are allowed to telework (from home or wherever) full time, except when they need to come to the office for some sort of face-to-face work session, that can be called real telework. And ROWE would be even better.
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