1:52 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Agencies and people with disabilities
    Norman's Mother
    This is pure hypocrisy. Most agencies can't accommodate the disabled employees they already have. Many retaliate against employees who acquire a disabling medical condition during their careers. In my (former) agency, employees who became sick or disabled had to apply for a Employee Accommodation in order to obtain relief from shift work, deployment to combat zones and irregular hours. I worked with two men who had Employee Accommodations and were punished for it. When the supervisor discovered they couldn't do shift work, he removed them from their Chief positions and put a junior employee in charge of them. Pure hateful spite, and of course the supervisors got away with it. What happens when this agency hires more people who can't meet the conditions of employment? They can't send a wheelchair-bound person to a combat zone, nor those with visual impairment. Yet another thoughtless, one-size-fits-all policy.
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  • Recruting Disabled Employees
    Norman's Mother
    Check this out: Conditions of Employment: May be required to perform duty at other operating locations. All employees are subject to world-wide deployment to crisis situations (they mean combat zones) and may be required to serve anywhere in the world. Availability for shift work, extended hours, and travel is required for this position. Sorry, people with COPD and heart disease can't work under those conditions.
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