3:55 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Canadian Al Qaida Plot
    Norman's Mother
    This isn't the first time Al Qaida tried to use Canada as an entree into the US. We're lucky they found the potential LAX bombers. This does not surprise me. A few years ago I was on official US government business to Canada and was detained at the border for over an hour. I noticed a Somali or whatever, refugee sitting off to the side. Admitting him wasn't the issue; they were merely trying to decide where to place him. In the meantime, I was cooling my heels at the border while their immigration people made numerous calls to Ottawa to see if anyone had ever heard of me. With an Official Passport I should have been waved through, not detained. Don't worry, Canada, I won't soon forget it. At least I got to see some hockey games.
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