7:54 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Use the BRAC argument?
    Joel H
    Senator Webb, it must be painfully obvious to everyone in the world that you're grasping at smoke, you're trying to save JFCOM for purely political purposes. Whoever crafted your speech really did you a disservice, it was poorly stated, it did not make the case and the over-riding issue of 'politics as normal' came across loud and clear. As my Senator in the United States Senate, you represent my interests. My interests are in cost savings. If we lose JFCOM, we save a ton of money, and really, what in the heck does JFCOM really do? R&D on Joint Doctrine? Oh, bother. All my dealings with JFCOM have proven they are out of touch with reality (insular) and exist in a fantasy world. So please, lower the burden on Joe and Jane taxpayer and help reduce DoD's spending, get rid of JFCOM! Please?
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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    I don't work for JFCOM but I am a contractor with the Navy, I am Jane taxpayer but guess what? Because of the gov't dragging their feet awardng contracts, I am loosing my job next Friday. Obviously you don't have a family, well some of us do. When I loose my job, my family has no health insurance. In my 30 years of working, I never applied for unemployment, this time I have no choice. Let's see some gov't employees loose their jobs and see where they end up, as it stands..they have it made from what I see.
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