2:40 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Impossible in many cases
    deployed decoy
    Ok I just want to see what private industry, as in up and running off the shelf can do for the following subject items. Process, fund and cut federal Welfare checks, food stamps and social security payments to widows with small children. Suppress wildland fires (OK CDF does this at the state level, they are also the highest paid fire fighters on the planet, paid 24 hours a day work or not once on a fire). Launch a space shuttle or for that matter a low polar orbit spy satellite, or geosync communications satellite. Crawl on their bellies 3 miles over broken glass, mud and blood to a vantage point, make a one shot kill and get out without some ME inbred fool cutting their head off (OK Xe (formally Blackwater) does this, but they make a lot more than the Staff Sergeant). Provide critical weather information for commercial airports, naval nuclear propulsion ship piers, fire weather and my personal favorite accidental release downwind plumb warning weather of VX nerve gas at DoD chemical destruction depots in the USA (OK maybe making the stuff was a bad idea but we were young and dumb in the 50s). Build and manage with all the diverse interests pulling at them for that resource, all the dams, locks and flood gates in the lower 48. I know I missed hundreds of federal jobs that have no private industry counterpart. Many things I have saw at DoD the companies sell as COTS when DOD will be the sole user until pigs fly and we pay up the hind quarters for this special service most of 10X what the true COTS item sells for. I know there are federal jobs out there that can be compared side by side like lawyers and doctors for example. But before we compare those make darn sure they are doing the same work in the same city. As I saw federal nurses in Germany have their shifts changed on a whim so the Soldiers can get the many 4 day weekends that come up and contractors actually have a contract so they get double time if jerked around like that, so it is the federal employees that work the holidays. Also please include unpaid labor (love hours) for all feds before adding things up.
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  • Pay Standard
    I agree an independent pay method should be created. I work for the USPS in management...please no sneers...I would challenge anybody to walk a day in my shoes. My day starts at 6am and completes at 8pm and to also includes phone calls from time to time from Supervisors or employees that report to me. I have qualifications that would make your head spin such as: Union arbitration, Hazmat training to hiring and terminating within regulations that are forever changing. I also have an MBA (which btw does not give me any leverage for promotion) in Management. Comparable to my fellow MBA graduates I get paid the least, and I work for the "quasi" branch of the Federal government. So I look forward to the day that proper guage can be created to make the baseline fair for all employees, but I fear I may retire first....wow I have to get back to work this took to long to compose...;-)..signed: "keeping my chin up." farmerboy1969 at the hoo .com
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