11:02 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Cell Phones in Federal Agencies
    The whole issue of Federal employees having government issued phones or Blackberry is way beyond out of control. While I was with DHS, managers ordered a Blackberry for the secretaries. At night, one could walk the halls of some agencies and directorates and see the Blackberries sitting on secretary's desks. If the manager needed the employee, they could call them on their home phone or personal cell phone, number of which all managers should have had programmed into their government cell phone/Blackberry. No thought is given to ordering an electronic device for lower or mid level employees who are not supervisors or managers. The unnecessary costs government wide will be in the millions of dollars. This I know from experience.
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  • Stunned
    I was stunned to read "Rebel McFertridge, the Wireless Program Manager for the Customs and Border Protection at DHS, said her agency has 22,000 wireless lines and had little insight into who was using what until recently." This would get someone fired at my DHS component! How can someone be the PM and have no insight into the program? We looked at using a TEMS, specificially, iSYS, and realized we would lose more than we would gain. We, the government, would have no contractual realtionship with ATT, Sprint, Verison. The TEMS contractor would have that contractual relationship in which EVERY SINGLE THING would have to go through the TEMS. Why would anyone want a middle manto slow things down and raise costs? I guarantee my component is savings a huge percentage in costs and has far better oversight than any component using a TEMS. The adoption of TEMS shows that most people understand this as well.
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  • Amazing!!
    Big Joe
    I don't understand how someone could not have a grasp of their inventory! If you are paying for something that you don't know is accurate....first you failed as a PM and COR. Second, thats fraud, waste, and abuse. TEMS is not the answer! The answer is having a program office that is accountable and that has oversight of their program! Losing control and then calling in the contractors is nothing more than throwing up your hands and saying "I give up"!!!
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  • To Stunned
    In defence of Rebel McFertridge, the Wireless Program Manager for the Customs and Border Protection at DHS where she was quoted as saying "her agency has 22,000 wireless lines and had little insight into who was using what until recently" I have a couple of statements. Due to the way many departments are funded and have always been de-centralized in many cases there's never been a centralized database nor a wireless program manager. This is due to many factors such as geographics and the previously mentioned funding. I can vouch for the fact that the separate areas of responsibility for tracking inventory and service. The beauty of TEMS is that it provided the centralization and consolidation AND the PM.
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  • Reebok
    Big Joe
    Don't you think that is a problem? A contractor is " the centralization and consolidation AND the PM"? If they could print money they wouldn't need the Government at all!! Also, CBP has no contractual relationship with the wireless vendors, the relationship is between TEMS and the carriers. Is TEMS really cheaper than bringing it in house and performing the tasks ourselves? Are there cost savings that could be realized if it was CBP working directly with the carrier? Are there shipping delays that are incurred? Seems like there was not much choice, so maybe a good interim fix but I'd be standing up a program office and brining the PM portion (i.e. oversight) in house.
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