9:00 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Defined by what
    deployed decoy
    "Most of your returns will come from the savings rate and the matching contributions, of course, if you're FERS. Remember also that FERS is not just the TSP. It is a three legged stool. The TSP is the leg of the stool that you have some control over. . . . The other two legs -- Social Security and the FERS-defined benefit -- are just that. Defined." I honestly believe that before I hit that magic 56YO in 27 months Social Security will be removed or reduced to nothing for feds that retire before they hit 72YO. The future is not defined. The USA may well fall into the greatest depression ever known. And the foreign and diverse American agents that all but own the US financial markets sure do not play well as a team. Now if TSP would just cash me out in US Mint gold coins based on the international exchange rate, when I hit 56 we are in business. The problem with that, adjusted for inflation and exchange rates, the 1 OZ, $50 Gold Eagle may well cost $2000 in worthless American paper.
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  • now we know whom to blame
    ...for killing CSRS which was better than Feeble FERS. I also blame that azzhole David Stockman and Dead Reagan for being stupid enough to go along with the scheme.
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  • TSP Calculators
    E Jay
    The closer you are to retirement the better estimate you get. All these retirement calculators have a fatal flaw. What people really want to know is not how much will they get in retirement but can they live on what they get. Set up spreadsheets for the prior two years (can do this manually) and enter everything you spent month by month. Then figure out what your income will be in retirement (FERS or CSRS, Social Security, TSP, other income) and subtract estimates for state and federal taxes, health insurance, Medicare, and long-term care insurance if you have it. Subtract monthly expenses from net income. Now you know if you will be eating steak or cat food.
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