7:53 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Contractors laying off workers
    Time Bandit
    There are contracting companies already starting to lay off employees, I am going to be one of them. I visited the customer site on a regular basis to assist in a couple program offices during my 14 years, I highly enjoyed my job but also saw some things that seriously need improving. For one, I saw competition rather than cooperation, people trying to up one on each other to be noticed. Gov't employees bringing their personal problems to work, taking it out on those around them rather than leaving their problems at home. I've inquired about getting a gov't job, problem is you need someone on a mgmt level to speak up for you. Unfortunately I was kept off site, I didn't have the ability to do face time and be noticed. One reason, I didn't have a college degree. Some contracting companies, it's all about image. Because I didn't have a college degree, I wasn't worth a position at the customer site. Second reason, I enjoyed my job too much. I was told I was too cheerful, I needed to tone it down. My suggestion, if you are that miserable in your job, why are you there? It wasn't about the money, I was happy what I was doing and that's all that mattered. I will miss my job but I will leave happy knowing that in some way, I did my part to help.
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