1:22 am, May 24, 2015

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  • USPTO, without a doubt
    The USPTO gym, located at its Alexandria headquarters, is one fantastic gym. The equipment is regularly replaced, dues are miniscule, the gym is affiliiated with Sport & Health so an add-on membership is available so the member can work out at other S&H locations. They also have great trainers (Kevin especially) and staff, and offer Zumba with the best Zumba instructor in the area, Diego of the Sensazao Crew!
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  • ED GYM is BEST!
    Larry Carroll makes the Department of Education gym the best place to work out! Plus the members are friendly and supportive. The whole package makes going to the gym the best part of the day!
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    NASA Glenn Research Center's Fitness Center Rocks!
    The NASA GRC Fitness Center and the folks there have helped me achieve my fitness goals with great, convenient programs, easy to use equipment and a caring staff. There are no dues and no pressure... but they turned a couch potato into a french fry with lots of encouragement! :)
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  • US Federal Bldgs
    deployed decoy
    This is simple. All the US federal bldgs scattered across the country. These fine establishments have better security than the 3 check points I pass ever day just getting inside a base camp in Kuwait. The gyms in these buildings are reserved for federal judges, US Senate staff and the boss, and the few lucky folks that by chance work in said building. If for example the federal USDA state or regional office is across the street, too bad, no private gym in the federal bldg. Heck that USDA employee is lucky to just get in the federal building for official business.
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  • My vote goes to
    deployed decoy
    The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise. Although the gym can be a bit crowed during peak times. The facility is there because some 500 people that work on the facility (and many more that pass through during fire season), as a condition of employment, must meet arduous annual physical fitness standards or higher. For Smoke Jumpers, the rookie year final physical fitness test, in my lowly opinion is more stringent then the Army Special Forces requirements. Maybe prior to the pending RIFs due to shutting down a DOD COCOM and whatnot at DOD, every DOD employee should be required to carry a 110 pound pack, 12 miles, over rough terrine, with elevation gains/losses of 3000 feet. That would thin out the herd.
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