6:55 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Hatch Act
    Norman's Mother
    Ah, sweet freedom! I don't have a cubicle anymore or male co-workers trying to hit on me. So I think this election season I'll adorn myself and my vehicle with stickers, buttons, pins, bumper stickers, yard signs, and of course, a t-shirt. Then I'll ride around and show off!
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  • Hatch Act
    During the last presidential election, at least one-third of our employees had Obama campaign posters plastered all over their cubicle walls. They also had stickers on their cars, as well as posters in the back windows. Were they reported? Yes. Was anything done about it? No. Not a word. Zilch. So much for enforcing the Hatch Act at my agency.
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  • HATCH Act
    the HATCH Actdoesn't apply to contractors. In government space, government employees are not allowed to wear, display or otherwise engage in political activities. However, the contractors, who outnumber the government employees in many cases, can decorate their desks, wear their Obama shirts and hats, etc. And they solicit via emails all the time. One example is that colorofchange.org that constantly sends out probama stuff. As American said, complaints are worthless and nothing is done to stop prohibited activities.
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