4:20 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Poor Guy
    deployed decoy
    None of his ideas matter. The Army adopted FBCB2 and MTS to satellite track military vehicles. These cost more than $25,000 per vehicle exclusive of satellite access or silly things like installation. They also employ the mandatory SAASM GPS technology (Google it). Course the SAASM only works if the encryption is activated and most times it is way too much trouble to bother with loading that silly mandatory SECDEF requirement. But the reason it won’t matter was several 90% plus answers are (were) available, some at less than 2% the cost for the official 99% answer. All these other devices were banned by Dept of Army from ever being placed in the field. I just wish I knew all this several years ago and invested in the couple companies that got the big contracts. Last time I checked one of them had gone up (including stock splits) around 1000%. I do suggest he sell these through foreign military sales, his only possibility to make money.
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