8:21 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Still No OMB Measures for Agency Performance in "Open Government"
    Hi Francis, NOTE: The audio-clip needs to be changed; the current link is from "The Federal Drive" earlier today. I'd like hear the whole interview, so please let me know when it's loaded. In the meantime, here are some thoughts: Agencies' performance is supposed to be enhanced by the White House's "Open Government Initiative" (i.e., agencies being more Transparent, Participatory, Collaborative than they are now). However, OMB has still not told agencies how they (OMB) will measure their progress in those three aspects of "OpenGov" ... even though OMB promised to show those new metrics, this past April, in its own Open Government Plan. What's happening is that OMB is playing the age-old, lazy manager's game of "bring-me-a-rock". That is when the manager doesn't quite know how describe the kind of performance (i.e., "rock") that s/he wants, so the manager directs that everyone "bring me a rock" with the hope that someone will, eventually, bring one that suits the manager (aka, "I'll know it when I see it!"). And, to compound the problem, OMB is actually waiting for *agencies* to propose the *measures* about how OMB should judge the best "rocks" for Open Government. In short: OMB is saying that it wants to measure how well agencies are doing something (OpenGov), but OMB can't describe what "it" is (or how to measure "it"). So when are they going to pass out the telepathy-helmets? (Because the OMB directive about Transparency is, ironically, not sufficiently clear. And they also are not asking for Collaboration, like they are supposed to, outside the D.C. cocoon.) Leadership? It's called "walking the talk". vr, Stephen Buckley http://www.UStransparency.com
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