11:52 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • not dead
    deployed decoy
    Well NSPS may be all but dead. But, the fools who managed it are alive and ill. I vote they have a choice of being used as an organ doner as they are certified brain dead, or resign for the good of the country and leave the USA for Kuwait to work as slaves for the Arabs for $150 per month until they die.
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  • NSPS Afterthoughts
    Celtic Wolf
    Why can't the federal government simply separate performance from pay. Once you connect the two and labor dollars come into play, then performance ratings turn into love or hate fests. Performance ratings should simply fade away and like in some schools you pass (continue to work because you produce) or fail (get fired because you fail to meet job expectations). As for promotions, we all know that it is a subjective process and rarely the best performer gets the job (it is the one who is known, who is connected, or who is of the correct demographic at the moment). So let us all get real and tell AMERICA and DC that PAY FOR PERFORMANCE needs to go away - it simply does not work, never did and never will. Why? Because it is based on money and that introduces too much subjectivity because no one yet has the common sense to identify the objectivity in performance ratings. (or are afraid of unions, EEO and Congressionals).....Let it Go!!!!!
    Celtic Wolf
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  • When the Fed sells products for profit
    When there are no more taxes and the Fed sells products and services for profit will pay for performance programs work. Those offices that break even will have flat incomes (the Executive Branches), those that sell to the public and have high profit margins will have increasing incomes (and will be able to add more resources to do more and make more). Those that go broke will not survive, so much for the IRS, zoos, schools and social services ... You say this will never happen ... then you have stated the future for pay for performance in a governmental system where income comes in the form of taxes. Just one person's opinion. Mine.
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  • NSPS afterthoughts
    I completely agree with the comments. It's all about the money, and most Federal civilians (like anyone else) will do whatever it takes to get it. There are countless ways to take care of your good buddies. Pay for performance is a great concept, but all I saw at work was increased secrecy and decreased integrity.
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