9:28 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Telework
    David L
    "She says telework is going to happen for federal employees, whether managers want it or not, but there are a few things that need to happen first before the change can successfully take place." First, the agencies have to have enough money, direction, leadership and oh, modern technology. Managers are only one leg of the tripod on this issue and the other two are more expensive and almost more time consuming. It means a complete sea change by CIOs, CISOs and their underlings in terms of implementing real remote connectivity solutions, virtual desktops and secure computing - more than just "locking down" XP. It also means that unless the Fed is going to issue a laptop to everyone, they are going to have to deal with tech support for every operating system and version of PC in people's homes today. A logistical nightmare in either case. Not insurmountable, but certainly beyond the capabilities of most Federal IT folks. Of course, these initiatives take years and the leadership tends to change more frequently...so I am not holding my breath.
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  • Bad Idea Has Traction
    Mike McMike
    Most Feds drive in to do nothing all day. Now, they don;t even have to drive in. I have seen telework abused in the private sector, but there a lack of performance does not go un-noticed. In the Fed it does. Bad idea.
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  • good and bad apples
    You're missing the portion where managers still have the discrepancy of not letting the ones they "know" under perform be exempt from teleworking. Most of the old schoolers feel more comfortable that they're able to "see" their subordinates show up at the office, but are not accountable for what their subordinates do all day at work. In my humble opinion managers shouldn't micromanage anyone's work time. What they need to focus on is deliverable and accountability of the deliverable. If you can't produce then you shouldn't be trusted to telework, etc. There are plenty of productive and dedicated government workers so why punish them also because you have sour apples in your batch?
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  • labtop
    My agency has all migrated to laptop that are all locked down (much more efficient then power hogging/bulk PC). The only place which you should be doing your work is from your government issued laptop, not from your home pc for obvious reasons. I think teleworking for everyone is not a matter of an if but just a when. You've got all the wonderful technology out there to be more efficient and if some dinosaurs can't seem to get with the program then you're going to have to slowly poke them into that direction. Government might be slow but they're definitely not Amish :)
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  • Fed Telework
    Norman's Mother
    They will never sell this to the military, and there are a lot of military supervisors in DoD agencies. The military likes to be able to reach out and touch their "billets" to send them on various task forces, details, and TDY. It's not good for "billets" to have too much freedom or think independently, as that would upset the apple cart.
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