11:01 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Hey Leaders, Can You Handle the Truth?
    Celtic Wolf
    Is it the boss, the employee, the relationship or simply the environment? Many employees and bosses are hungry for the next promotion, therefore they are in an environment of always trying to appear better than they are. This type of environment promotes: back-stabbing, glory-stealing, favor exchanges, and several other unhealthy activities. Then you have the employees who are content with their current grade and position. This type of environment promotes: complacency, the un-touchables, and simply the 'leave-me-alones'. Next you have the folks who neither hungry or content, they simply see the job as a "job', a means to an end. This environment promotes: more of the leave me alones, some of the unhealthy activities where they try to avoid work and possibly complacency. Is there a positive side to the truth? Sure, some people come to work to do their best. Yet these folks by the second decade, or the third, and definitely the fourth are so demoralized they become the boss-haters, the peer employee-haters. If anyone wants the truth - here it is: Try people with respect. Do not lie to people. Stop favoritism and cronyism and affirmative action.
    Celtic Wolf
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    Supervisory Zoo
    During the 35 years I spent in the government, I had one really great supervisor -- and he left in disgust for a downgrade. The rest of them were either social engineering experiments, bellowing military retreads, other misfits, butt kissers, or just plain stupid. Most of them wouldn't have lasted as fast food fry cooks. Frankly, I think the situation is hopeless.
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