6:21 am, May 26, 2015

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  • NRC is not transparent
    inspector Y-12
    If only the NRC practiced what it preaches. They used to have yearly safety meetings at nuclear plants where the public could discuss issues. Then they made rules that the utility representatives don't have to reply to any questions. Now they only have an "open house" - hardly an old fashioned town meeting with give and take. I've been to NRC meetings where we are not allowed to ask questions even though we are permitted to speak. I filed a rule-making with the NRC which it accepted as official business. In the 7 years which followed, the NRC broke its own rules more than 40 times, did not invite me to the table - even though it was my creation - and finally made the rule-making disappear literally. How? they combined it with another rulemaking but never mentioned it in that rulemaking or at other meetings. My data was not included at their meeting or available from the documents which they had laid out on tables. So my rulemaking vanished. I complained - they said they have noted my complaint. That's not transparency - that's invisibilty! That's dishonesty. BTW - One commissioner's secretary wanted to use that example as the quintesential example of public discourse failures. She forgot to invite me to the meeting.
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