4:21 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Pay,Pensions, Premiums
    Mike, I'm a CSRS retiree who is very happy with his pension and health benefits compared to what some private industry friends now receive. My homeowners insurance has risen 18% in two years, auto insurance 12%, local taxes 3%. Food has increased as has gas, etc. But yet no COLA. The formula needs changing.
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  • Retirements and the formula for pension increases
    Homeowners went up 18%? why? Has the value of your home gone up in these down times, or has the experience rate of the insurance company gone up? What factors caused your auto insurance to go up? Accidents, tickets, teen drivers, new car, etc? Local taxes are going up due to the economy. What formula would you use to compute your pension increase?
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  • Cost of Living
    I'm not retired but I have questioned the methods of determining cost of living. Personally, I've seen my grocery bill increase consistently over the past couple years and for most, that is the largest expense outside of mortgage, tax, and investments, all of which are not really related to inflation/deflation. My car insurance has also skyrocketed even though I have a clean record and an older car. I deal with numbers and statistics for a living and sometimes the equation that you use does not reflect the reality that you are trying to estimate. The reality here is I spend more now than a year ago for the same quality of life. That is what's important and needs to be considered. People like Bud have served this country as a civil servant and deserve to be treated appropriately in their retirement. In the end, we will be in his shoes one day and it may not stop with just a freeze in COLA. There's already talk of "amending" our retirement benefits to reduce them in the future.
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  • Pay, Pensions, Premiums
    I was unable to read today's article. Instead I got the following message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4096000 bytes) in /var/www/dc2/share/lib/xtree/XTreeStory.class.php on line 237
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  • Pay, Pensions, Premiums
    The real problem for 2011 is the fact that the "base" period being used is the July-Sept. quarter of 2008, rather than the same period from 2009. While the COLA index is down from the 2008 period, it is actually up 1.3 percent since the beginning of the current COLA count last October. Unfortunately, since the count began from a negative base of approximately 2 percent, it is still in negative territory and will not likely be made up by September when the calculation period ends. Perhaps the law needs to be ammended in this regard.
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