4:30 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • All Talk, no Action
    You want sustainability, rethink the office and management. In should be desktop VTC and lots and lots of unclassified teleconferencing rooms in a Departmental building. Not one or two large rooms but dozens and dozens of small, medium, and large vtc spaces. Then rate managers and senior officials on how well they allow for telecommuting and altered work hours. Some may want to arrive at 5am and others would prefer arriving at noon. Some may want compressed work schedules and others 6 days to do 40 hours. But this will not happen because our senior leaders (SES's) cannot live without their minions swirling around them.
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  • Trust our Dear Leader!
    FERS Fed
    He knows what's best for us!
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  • Chugga chugga choo choo!
    Lisa Lisa
    ahhh... I love a good dream..and it appears so do many on the Hill. In order to change commuting, commuting options need to be operational in a 30 mile radius of DC. The 15 mile circle no longer is viable-that is reserved for the rich and childless I live in southern MD (because thats what we can afford). My husband and I drive to work every day. We have to. We dont have any options but buses-and that doesnt cut it with it taking 1.75 hrs to get to work. We have no rail. The entire SE corridor of the DC metro area is missing in terms of trains. Charles County MD was dubbed one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, yet we still are in the stone ages when it comes to commuting options. The MD politicians in the past and in current seem to limit their vision to Baltimore and Montogmery County. My agency is small and small minded so CWS, flex work schedules, or teleworking are not in our future. So we schlep everyday. I dont mind really. I guess I dont know whats missing if I never had it. I am not whining, just stating the facts. Not everyone has these options. I get a little tired of hearing teh brilliance of an idea without it having much weight in terms of a reality. In Europe, the trains run all throughout their countries-in to the main city areas as well as countryside. Trains are a main staple in Europe-yet I see in my area that we took up the tracks to make way for trails. How lovely. A regular Rock Creek Park-fit with all of the abduction and mugging trimmings. GLad to see money is being spent on the areas we need most. Thanks the State of MD for all of you hard work and thrifty spending of my money. I cant wait to see what you will do next with the additional tax hikes. Maybe an ice rink?
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